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About Us

First off, We’re t-shirt lovers ourselves. We know the issues of buying a quality tee with funky design and then having to deal with the high price. You look for something cheap, the quality’s messed up. You find something good, and they’re trying to rob you. Then the idea hits, why not just make quality and affordable t-shirts ourselves?
Since we’ll be in direct control, we wouldn’t have to worry about neither quality nor pricing. But we can’t just make 4-5 pieces, the cost goes way up. Discussing the concern, we ended up turning our idea of t-shirt making to an online shop project, where affordability should meet quality and comes with crazy designs, pre-made or custom.

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The Story of stolen

Best online shop on Bangladesh

There are so many tshirt brands in Bangladesh. But when it comes to quality and design, the list gets very short. there are two reasons behind that. 

1. Local market : Local fabrics markets are full of cheap quality fabric. Often new business can’t produce their desirable quality because of short investment. So, eventually, they have to use regular, cheap fabric for clothing. most of the time they cover fabric problems with cool, aesthetic design. still, the fabric is a major issue.

2. Audience: Even when a company start with a big budget and produce their fabric, it cost them a lot. So, they start focusing on rich customers who usually don’t care about tshirt print or design.

So, the new generation with limited money gets very disappointed. They don’t quite like expensive t-shirt’s design and fabric quality of designful t-shirts.

To solve this problem, Stolen T-shirt brand comes forward. With export quality fabric and cool, trendy, classy, and aesthetic design they are now one of the best t-shirt brands in Bangladesh.

There are few reason behind, why stolen t-shirt is the best online shop in BD.

1. Premium Quality Fabric

Like the other small businesses, stolen t-shirt started their journey with a very limited amount of money and low-quality fabric. But, we kept searching for something premium, export quality fabric. Finally, in late 2019, we managed to source 180 GSM export quality Fabrics. That’s the rising point of Stolen t-shirt to become the best clothing brand in Bangladesh.

2. Unique Print
We try to use different chemicals and experiment with new things to make the unique print on tshirt. Travel tshirt design and Friends design are our most selling tshirt.

Present situation:

Looking for the best Quality T-shirt at a reasonable price?
The answer  “STOLEN”

Stolen Tshirt has a retail store in Halishahar, Chittagong. In Chittagong, whenever someone looks for the best quality t-shirt for wholesale, the solution is Stolen Tshirt. We supply basic t-shirts in local shopping malls too. Which makes “stolen t-shirt’ the best t-shirt wholesaler in Chittagong.
 Bangladeshi celebrities like ‘Niloy Alamgir’ and ‘ Jovan ‘ like stolen tshirt so much that, often you’ll see them wearing stolen’s tshirt in their Drama films.
Retail customers suggest ‘Stolen TShirt’ to their friends, colleagues. Word of mouth also helps stolen t-shirt to reach more Classy people and become the best tshirt shop in Chittagong / Bangladesh.